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On the 23rd of October year 1990 a baby girl was born at San Carlos General Hospital, San Carlos City. After 23 years... she’s now a perfectly grown up lady, together with her loving family and friends she enjoyed and treasured every moment of her life. Her favorite colors are black, white and grey. She loves to dance, sing and rap. She also loves to write and read books. She loves to cook & bake (the taste will depend on her mood... she has to be in a good mood... nyahahaa). She loves sports such as volleyball, badminton, chess, billiards, bowling??? (not sure yet) and tennis. She’s a simple, kind, thoughtful, sweet, loving, caring, strong, responsible, expressive, trustworthy, serious, funny/dorky lady (hahaa), sometimes she has this what she call “mood swings” that made her scary and bothersome (they’re used to it), she talks a lot and fast (like a rapper). She protects, cherish, love and care for those people whom she loves and trust. She hates people who judge her by the way she looks and dressed. She hates people who criticize her for everything she does. She hates traitor/back stabber, plastic, war freak, user friend, pretenders. She’s a fighter, she never gave up on everything she does. What she wants she gets. She loves eveything about KOREA so much, she even studied the Korean Language and Culture. Until now, she’s still doing it... on her own. She even adapted some of their tradition even their accent??? (bwahahahahaa). She started studying other languages and cultures as well such as JAPANESE, CHINESE, and THAI.

She doesn't boast herself to other people. She even consider herself an imperfect one. For her, she just a person who can make mistakes sometimes and yet learned from it. She’s not afraid on taking the risk of trying things, she’d rather take the risk without regretting in end than regretting without doing nothing. She’s a selfish brat when it comes to her problems because she doesn't want her family and friends worry about her. She faces everything with a brave heart. She stayed strong for her family and friends and she will always will. There’s a lot of things to know about her... in order for you to do that, you have to be friends with her. You have to gain her trust even though it’s hard, you have to do your best. Once, you become her friend you’ll know her more.

Oh by the way her name is Diane. :)

-dancer and choreographer-
-tennis player-


It’s named after an octopus trap — and that’s not all that’s unusual about this reversible heart condition. It occurs almost exclusively in women.

Years of gender-based research have shown that in matters of the heart, sex differences abound. One striking example is the temporary heart condition known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, first described in 1990 in Japan. More than 90% of reported cases are in women ages 58 to 75. Research suggests that at least 6% of women evaluated for a heart attack actually have this disorder, which has only recently been reported in the United States and may go largely unrecognized. Fortunately, most people recover rapidly with no long-term heart damage.

Features of takotsubo cardiomyopathy

  • Chest pain and shortness of breath after severe stress (emotional or physical)

  • Electrocardiogram abnormalities that mimic those of a heart attack

  • No evidence of coronary artery obstruction

  • Movement abnormalities in the left ventricle

  • Ballooning of the left ventricle

  • Recovery within a month

What is it?

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a weakening of the left ventricle, the heart’s main pumping chamber, usually as the result of severe emotional or physical stress, such as a sudden illness, the loss of a loved one, a serious accident, or a natural disaster such as an earthquake. (For additional examples, see “Stressors associated with takotsubo cardiomyopathy.”) That’s why the condition is also called stress-induced cardiomyopathy, or broken-heart syndrome. The main symptoms are chest pain and shortness of breath.

Stressors associated with takotsubo cardiomyopathy*

  • Sudden drop in blood pressure

  • Serious illness, surgery, or medical procedure (e.g., cardiac stress test)

  • Severe pain

  • Domestic violence

  • Asthma attack

  • Receiving bad news (such as a diagnosis of cancer)

  • Car or other accident

  • Unexpected loss, illness, or injury of a close relative, friend, or pet

  • Fierce argument

  • Financial loss

  • Intense fear

  • Public speaking

  • A surprise party or other sudden surprise

The precise cause isn’t known, but experts think that surging stress hormones (for example, adrenaline) essentially “stun” the heart, triggering changes in heart muscle cells or coronary blood vessels (or both) that prevent the left ventricle from contracting effectively. Researchers suspect that older women are more vulnerable because of reduced levels of estrogen after menopause. In studies with rats whose ovaries had been removed, the ones given estrogen while under stress had less left-ventricle dysfunction and higher levels of certain heart-protective substances.

Takotsubo symptoms are indistinguishable from those of a heart attack. And an electrocardiogram (ECG) may show abnormalities also found in some heart attacks — in particular, changes known as ST-segment elevation. Consequently, imaging studies and other measures are needed to rule out a heart attack. To get a definitive diagnosis, clinicians look for the following:

  • No evidence on an angiogram of blockages in the coronary arteries — the most common cause of heart attacks. (The coronary arteries are also not blocked in microvessel disease, a more common cause of heart attack symptoms in older women. Microvessel disease results from abnormal dilation of the blood vessels feeding the heart.)

  • A rapid but small rise in cardiac biomarkers (substances released into the blood when the heart is damaged). In a heart attack, cardiac biomarkers take longer to rise but peak higher.

  • Evidence from an x-ray, echocardiogram (ultrasound image), or other imaging technique that there are abnormal movements in the walls of the left ventricle. The most common abnormality in takotsubo cardiomyopathy — the one that gives the disorder its name — is ballooning of the lower part of the left ventricle (apex). During contraction (systole), this bulging ventricle resembles a tako-tsubo, a pot used by Japanese fishermen to trap octopuses. Another term for the disorder is apical ballooning syndrome. (See “Apical ballooning and the tako-tsubo.”) 

Apical ballooning and the tako-tsubo

photographs of left ventricle with apical ballooning, and of the tako-tsubo which the ventricle resembles

An x-ray of the left ventricle (A) shows apical ballooning, a reversible abnormality characteristic of takotsubo cardiomyopathy. During systole (cardiac contraction) the midsection and tip (apex) of the left ventricle balloon out, while the area above, called the base, contracts normally. The shape is similar to that of a tako-tsubo (B), a round-bottomed, narrow-necked vessel used to catch octopuses.

Photos reprinted with permission from Bilal Saeed, M.D., University of Toledo Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio (A), and Satoshi Kurisu, M.D., Hiroshima City Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan (B).


There are no evidence-based guidelines for treating takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Clinicians usually recommend standard heart failure medications such as beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, and diuretics (water pills). They may give aspirin to patients who also have atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arterial walls). Although there’s little evidence on long-term therapy, beta blockers (or combined alpha and beta blockers) may be continued indefinitely to help prevent recurrence by reducing the effects of adrenaline and other stress hormones. It’s also important to alleviate any physical or emotional stress that may have played a role in triggering the disorder.

Most of the abnormalities in systolic function and ventricle wall movement clear up in one to four weeks, and most patients recover fully within two months. Death is rare, but heart failure occurs in about 20% of patients. It’s treated with diuretics, agents that improve heart muscle contraction, and other therapies. Rarely reported complications include arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), obstruction of blood flow from the left ventricle, and rupture of the ventricle wall.


for further information: 

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Hi! I’m Diane I’m a certified KPOP addict and a certified fan of EXO and other Kpop groups as well. Upon learning about what happen to EXO’s member Baekhyun’s older brother’s wedding I decided to wrote something like this, hoping that those “sasaeng fans” realize what they’re doing to the boys, well not just EXO but same goes to other Idol groups. As a TRUE/REAL fan it hurts me a lot that these so called “sasaeng fans” are doing things that hurts my beloved idols…OUR beloved IDOLS. Yes, they’re celebrity but they’re still human and they still need their privacy. These sasaeng fans went overboard! This is not right. The other fans like us are getting affected too. We can’t just sit here and do nothing about it. Through writing messages and petitions… it’s the only help we could give to our idols. Since some of us were from different countries, some doesn’t have enough money to go there just like me. But, it’s OK there are many ways on how I can show my undying love and support for my Idols. A TRUE fan wouldn’t do anything to hurt their beloved idols. A TRUE fan shows his/her love and support in a nicer way. A TRUE fan will consider his/her IDOLS safety, private life and happiness. In short, a TRUE fan wouldn’t want to be a burden to his/her IDOL!

            I felt sorry for EXO right now, I feel like I wanted to cry because of what just happen a few days ago. These sasaeng fans think they own the boys or the other idols… of course YOU DON’T! If you’re a TRUE fan you must know that we don’t own them. They should be our inspiration…someone we could look up to. We’re supposed to protect them, take care of them and love them in the best way that we can. NOT caused them trouble and most importantly hurt them and their FAMILY and FRIENDS!

            I think those fans who were bashing on their managers for hurting them or doing anything to take the boys away from them are “SASAENG FAN”. The managers were doing great and for that I would like to take this opportunity to THANK them from the bottom of my heart. They’re doing a great job protecting, taking care, and loving our Idols in our place. The managers are like our representative… a TRUE fan’s representative. It’s because some fans couldn’t be there 24/7 unlike the managers and staffs. You don’t have the right to bashed on the managers! They’re doing a good job!  So please STOP! You’re too much for the boys and for their managers! You’re causing them trouble! You’re hurting them continuously! STAY AWAY from them! You’re not doing any good to them!

            EXO shouldn’t blame themselves, they shouldn’t feel upset or a burden to their family. But these sasaeng fans made them feel that way! That’s not RIGHT! STOP IT! STOP! PLEASE STOP!

That’s all I can say. Thank you for reading this. Could you kindly spread this message to other TRUE FANS out there? Let’s do everything we can to protect them, take care of them and show how much we love and support them even if we’re far from them. We should also help, protect, love, take care and support their managers and staffs. They’re all doing a really great job for us.



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EXO’s Repackaged Album Titled “GROWL” Teaser Photos… August 1, 2013… :))

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Please Help Us! Thank you.

Hello! If you have a FACEBOOK account kindly help us. Please. Click the links then click LIKE. Just follow the simple steps:

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They are twins and they are both one of my precious friends. Please help us. Please spread. Thank you. God Bless.

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[All] Jigeum utgo itjiman, aesseo chamgo isseo nan
Tteollineun nae du soneul, himkkeot japgo isseo nan
Sokko inneun geoya neon, gwaenchantaneun nae mare
Deung dwieseo nunmureul, modu ssotgo isseo nan

[Jeongmin] Tteollideon jageun eokkaega, geu jageun ipsuri
Mianae, nae apeseo jujeo anneun neo
[Donghyun] Tteugeopdeon nareul samkigo, ni nunmur-humchimyeo
Mianhae, on himeul dahae anneun na

[Youngmin] Neoye eokkae neomeo baenneun hansum
Neoye eokkae neomeo chaoneun nunmul
Geugeon namananeun shiseone namginda, kkeutkkaji
[Hyunseong] Neoye gieogane salgo shipgo
Neoye gieogane utgoman shipeo
Babocheoreom geujeo neoyege unneunda (Oh~)

[All] You’re not a bad girl (yeah yeah), you’re not a bad girl (yeah yeah) 
Nal wihan nunmul (oh), geu nunmul, geodwo (oh)
Geu aega dachyeo (yeah yeah), na ttaeme dachyeo (yeah yeah)
Geureoni chamgo (oh), tto chama (oh), ya hae

[Minwoo] Niga wae, niga wae, niga wae, na ttaeme ureo
Neon hangsang balge useo wae ureo
Ijeo nan da teolgo pyeonhage tteona
Mot minni, ni balmok japgo shipji ana

[Jeongmin] Naye gaseum gipi ttwineun shimjang
Naye gaseum gipi jabadun miryeon
[Jeongmin/Hyunseong] Geugeon naman aneun mameuro munneunda~
[Jeongmin] Kkeutkkaji
[Donghyun] Neoye useummaneul bogo shipgo 
Neoye useummaneun jikigo shipeo
[Donghyun/Hyunseong] Eojecheoreom geujeo nayege useojwo ([Hyunseong] Oh~)

[All] You’re not a bad girl (yeah yeah), you’re not a bad girl (yeah yeah)
Yeogi nae shimjang (oh), nae shimjang (oh), soge
Nae sogeul gamchwo (yeah yeah), neol wihae gamchwo (yeah yeah)
Nareul dajapgo (oh), tto jaba (oh), ya hae

[Kwangmin] Neomani, nae juinigo
Wonhamyeon nareul tteonal su itgo ([Hyunseong] Oh~ oh yeah~)
Gikkeoi, neol bonae, neol wihae, naneun neol bonae

[All] You’re not a bad girl (yeah yeah), you’re not a bad girl (yeah yeah) 
Nal wihan nunmul (oh), geu nunmul (oh), geodwo
Geu aega dachyeo (yeah yeah), na ttaeme dachyeo (yeah yeah)
Geureoni chamgo (oh), tto chama (oh), ya hae

Jigeum utgo itjiman, aesseo chamgo isseo nan
Tteollineun nae du soneul, himkkeot japgo isseo nan
Sokko inneun geoya neon, gwaenchantaneun nae mare
Deung dwieseo nunmureul, modu ssotgo isseo nan

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the MV Teaser of EXO Growl Chinese and Korean Ver is out! Can’t wait… 

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mahahaha!: Four.for.forever. Happy 4th <3


Time passes so quickly and it’s our forth month together already. So many things happened throughout this 4 months, both happy and unhappy moments. But guess what? We still managed to pull through this together. It’s been so long (for those who know what I mean), yet this love has never faded, not…

so happy for you sis… forever na tlga yan :)

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Foetus Sleep Positions - Description of Foetus Position and Personality Traits
Foetus Description: Curled position resembling the way babies curl up in the womb. Many women sleep in this position - twice as many as men
Personality Traits: Tough shell but a soft center! Reserved and protective of privacy at first with strangers but become bright and bubbly with friends and family.

Log Sleep Positions - Description of Log Position and Personality Traits
Log Description: Sleeping on one side with both arms straight down.
Personality Traits: Sociable open personality who loves people. Trusting people can lead to gullibility, so a more cautious approach to strangers would be beneficial.

Yearner Sleep Positions - Description of Yearner Position and Personality Traits
Yearner Description: Sleeping on one side with both arms stretched out
Personality Traits: Cautious of strangers and often cynical. Generous when confident of people and their motives. Slow at making decisions but stick to decisions when once made.

Soldier Sleep Positions - Description of Soldier Position and Personality Traits
Soldier Description: Sleeping on their backs with arms down and kept close to the body.
Personality Traits: Reserved and somewhat introverted. Soldier sleepers adhere to high standards and are perfectionists

Freefaller Sleep Positions - Description of Freefaller Position and Personality Traits
Freefaller Description: Sleeping on their front, or side, with arms under or wrapped around a pillow with head turned to the side
Personality Traits:  Extroverts who love enjoy socialising. Do not respond well to criticism

Starfish Sleep Positions - Description of Starfish Position and Personality Traits
Starfish Description: Sleeping on their backs with arms and legs out stretched
Personality Traits: Open to ideas, a good listener prefer to stay in the background rather than be the center of attention

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